Heat Lamps, A Winter Necessity

heat lampsHeat Lamps are in stock! Here at Mansfield Feed, we want to help you take care of your livestock this winter. We have all your winterizing needs including hay, bedding, feed, supplements and lamps.

Heat Lamps are a necessity for chicken coops, barns and stables. Keep your livestock warm and cozy with a heat lamp this winter. Proper use of heat lamps are imperative to the safety of your structures and animals.  Below are a couple of tips for heat lamps:

  • Keep the heat lamp above the height of your animals so it does not burn them.
  • Place the lamp 18 inches away from anything that may catch fire.
  • Do not place hay under the heat lamp for the risk of falling on the hay causing a fire.

Contact Mansfield Feed with additional questions or concern you have regarding winterizing your animals or stop by and see us today!