Balancing Hoof Health

Balancing Hoof HealthBalancing hoof health with nutrition needs to be interchangeable if you want to have a healthy horse. One directly affects the other, so making sure they both are in good shape is very important. Not sure why exactly these two go together? No problem! Check out these helpful tips from Purina below to ensure the safety of your horse.

Elements of Nutrition:

  • Protein: the hoof is composed primarily of keratin, a common protein. Proteins are made of amino acids which contribute to growth. If these two are out of balance, you’ll see a decline in the structure and strength of the hoof.
  • Fat: adequate levels of fat are beneficial to the hoof. It creates a barrier against diseases and fungi’s.
  • Zinc: this is necessary for the keratinization of the hoof.
  • Calcium and phosphorous: these two are needed for the proper attachment in the hoof horn wall. The right ratio is required or uneven levels can lead to weak bones.
  • Selenium & Vitamin E: these are important antioxidants to protect the cell membranes. An imbalance can lead to serious health risks.
  • Biotin: this aids in hoof integrity, coat, mane, and tail growth.

Extending the Learning Process:

In addition, keep in mind that each horse is different. They can react in various ways to the elements provided in their feed, forage, or hay. It is crucial that your horse maintains a constant supply of nutrients in order to develop a strong core to protect them as they grow. Balancing hoof health is just the first step in this process. Also, constantly seek opportunities to learn more and ask questions. It’ll benefit you and your horse in the long run.

Want to learn more? Check out the entire article here. Keep an open dialogue with both your farrier and your vet. Stop by the store with any questions you may have!

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