Dental Health for Senior Horses

Dental Health for Senior HorsesMonitoring dental health for senior horses is one of the most important roles of an owner. Aging horses require a changing form of care and can often be challenging. Want to learn more about how to provide proper nutrition? Check out helpful tips provided by Purina below!

Signs of Problems:

Horses teeth continuously growth during all stages of life until they become elderly. As they chew, their teeth wear down and change. As you can guess, uneven growth can cause a lot of problems. Irregular wear and tear can lead to difficulty chewing, weight loss, and present a choking hazard.

Warning Signs:

Constantly checking for these warning signs can keep your horse safe. Stay aware and take action if these are noticeably affecting your horse’s behavior.

  • Slower eating
  • Storing food in cheeks and/or dropping feed or hay “quids”
  • Behavior changes such as head shaking, twisting or lifting while eating
  • Weight loss
  • Dull coat

What to Feed:

It’s crucial to provide feed’s that are easy to consume that also provide’s a high nutritional value. Products like Purina Equine Senior and Equine Senior Active are great suggestions. They have built-in forage and fiber that is easier to eat and digest.

Also, if your senior horse is missing a few teeth there is also a pelleted option that is easy to create into a mash. Simply add warm water and stir. Make sure you take into account how to make things easier before a larger problem arises.

We hope you can use these suggestions in efforts to maintain dental health for senior horses. If you want to learn more, view the entire article here.

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