Hi-Yield Bone Meal

Hi-Yield Bone MealNow is the time to start thinking about fall pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied in the spring and fall because that is when it works best. Apply pre-emergent herbicides before the seed starts to germinate. The seeds aren’t necessarily sprouting in any Specific month of the year since they depend on  air and soil temperature, moisture and sunlight. When these conditions are met, the seed will sprout.

Hi-Yield Bone Meal provides a slow release of natural Phosphorus to help plants produce sturdy root systems, hastens maturity, and stimulates plant growth. For best results use on bulbs, roses, flowers, shrubs, and vegetable gardens.

Have any questions about Hi Yield Bone Meal? Give us a call at 817.473.1137 or come and see us down at the store!

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