Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

Sparkling CleanMonitoring pool chemicals is the most important step in keeping a sparkling clean pool. Test your pool water weekly using a water testing kit or bring a water sample to Mansfield Feed Mill and we will test it for you. Always test the pool water alkalinity, pH and chlorine regularly, and adjust pool chemicals as needed. Chlorine generally needs to be added every day, unless you have an automatic chlorinator or floating chlorinator, in which case you will add chlorine less often. Keep in mind that the temperature has a drastic effect on your swimming pool. In North Texas, the extreme summer temperatures mean that you may have to pay more attention to your swimming pool maintenance in order to keep it crystal clear at all times. Always store swimming pool chemicals in a cool, dry, place.

• Test pool alkalinity, pH and chlorine regularly

• Pool filters should be run 6 to 8  hours daily

• Skim debris daily from the surface of the pool water

• Clean out the pool filter weekly

• Brush down sides and bottom of pool to remove calcium scale and prevent algae buildup

Vacuum the bottom of the pool floor weekly. As the summer progresses and the water temperature heats up, algae will grow more quickly on the pool bottom. Frequent brushing and vacuuming will go a long way toward keeping your water clean.

As the temperature heats up, your pool may require more frequent cleaning as algae thrives in warm water. Removing dirt, debris and algae build up from the bottom of your pool will go a long way in keeping the water clean, and skimming the top of the water will also help prevent dirt from settling on the pool floor.

Monitor the water level and check weekly. The water level should be kept at the center of the tile or skimmer. Remember, in North Texas, water evaporates quickly. Add water as needed.